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Top 10 Sound Healing Businesses & Getaways

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Sound Healing: Top 10 Businesses & Retreats

Sound healing has been practiced for thousands of years; however, it has only recently become more well-known in mainstream wellness circles. It is an all-encompassing therapy method that uses sound vibrations to restore harmony and balance to the body, mind, and soul. Black-owned businesses like Black Zen in New York are creating waves in this industry by providing distinctive and cutting-edge methods of sound healing that meet the demands of the neighborhood.

Although it has grown in popularity recently, sound healing is not a new technique. Many cultures, including ancient Egypt, Greece, and India, have used it for centuries.

How Does it Work?

If sound healing is new to you, you might wonder how it works. Sound healing involves using various instruments and natural products, including singing bowls, gongs, and chimes, to produce calming and healing vibrations that harmonize with the body's natural frequency. Deep body penetration by sound waves results in relaxation, stress reduction, and assistance for healing.

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What are the Benefits?

Overall, sound healing is a flexible and powerful technique with several benefits for mental and physical health. The most frequently mentioned benefits are lowering stress and anxiety, facilitating emotional healing, aiding meditation, enhancing sleep, boosting immunity, reducing pain, increasing focus and clarity, and balancing energy.

Top 10 Sound Healing Businesses

Haji Healing Salon

Haji Healing Salon

Sound healing, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and other holistic healing therapies are provided by the Los Angeles-based Haji Healing Salon.

Sacred Vibes Apothecary


The New York-based business provides herbal medication, sound therapy, and other holistic wellness services. Visit their website to learn more.


Wellness center

HealHaus, a wellness lifestyle company based in New York, provides yoga, meditation, and therapy in addition to sound healing and other health services.

The Sound Healing Academy

sound healing academy

The Sound Healing Academy in New York provides sound healing certification programs, workshops, and retreats.

Summer Solstice Sound Healing

sound healing training and events

In the state of Washington, Summer Solstice Sound Healing has events and classes that place emphasis on the benefits of sound healing with a combination of other wellness practices like reiki, yoga, and breathing exercises.

Vibrant Health Center

health center

Florida's Vibrant Health Center offers many wellness practices, such as sound healing, acupuncture, and other natural health therapies.

Voyage of Frequency

sound meditation classes

Voyage of Frequency offers a variety of sound meditation classes in Chicago, Illinois. Here, they teach you the importance of understanding that everything is a vibration, even our thoughts and feelings, and how this affects us.

Harmonic Healing Arts

sound healing classes and workshops

In Texas, the Harmonic Healing Arts teach the importance of sound healing in workshops, classes, and individual appointments. They offer individual sound healing sessions, group gong meditations, infrared/PEMF therapy, and vibroacoustic therapy.


sound healing practitioners

In New York City, Minka has a variety of specialized sound healing practitioners to teach you about the topic, how it benefits you, and how you can utilize it in and out of their business.

Third Eye Wellness

wellness services

Third Eye Wellness is a New York-based company that provides sound healing, meditation, and other wellness-related services.

Top 10 Wellness & Sound Healing Retreats

Black Girls Healing House

wellness services

Sound healing, meditation, and other holistic wellness techniques are all used in the retreats and programs provided by the California-based Black Girls Healing House.

Black Zen

wellness center

In New York, Black Zen provides in-person and online mindfulness retreats, workshops, and sound healing.

Soul Nourish Retreats

wellness retreat

Sound healing is an integral part of the programming at Soul Nourish Retreats, a Georgia-based company that provides wellness retreats across the US. Visit their website for more information.

Prana del Mar

wellness retreat center

In Baja California Sur, Mexico, there is a retreat center called Prana del Mar. They provide a range of wellness treatments, including yoga, meditation, and sound therapy, in addition to exquisite beachside lodging.

The Afro Mystic

melanated woman

A wellness and spiritual retreat center called The Afro Mystic provides sound healing, meditation, and other therapeutic treatments. The retreats are held in various locations, including Bali and Costa Rica.

Sound Healing Immersion Retreat- Menla

wellness retreat

Menla has plenty of retreats to choose from, and they focus on a variety of lifestyle and wellness topics like sound healing, yoga, meditation, and more.

Sage Sound Academy of Sound

sound healing

The Sage Academy of Sound prioritizes sound healing and how it can benefit you and your holistic lifestyle. Check out their next retreat from June 22, 2023, to June 25, 2023. Scholars, sound practitioners, and students will explore the potential sound healing from tuning forks, Tibetan bowls, and more.

Grail Springs Retreat

woman petting a black horse

Located in Canada, Grail Springs Retreat provides yoga, meditation, and nutrition classes, as well as sound healing getaways and other health services.

The Whole Experience

two woman ready for yoga

The Whole Experience provides retreats with a focus on wellness and wellness practices. They have already visited Thailand, South Africa, Italy, Greece, and more. If interested, check out their website for their next retreat to Costa Rica from January 6, 2024, to January 13, 2024.

Mystic Soul Project

wellness speakers talking

A retreat company called Mystic Soul Project provides sound healing, meditation, and other types of spiritual and wellness services. The retreats take place all around the world, including Bali and New Mexico.

Fun Facts

Animals can benefit from sound healing just as much as humans. Not only can sound healing benefit humans, but it can also help pets. In fact, many pet owners have found that playing soothing music or using sound-healing instruments can help calm their pets and reduce their anxiety. Also, remote sound healing is possible. With the development of virtual technology, sound healing is now possible at a distance. This implies that, wherever you are in the globe, you can benefit from sound healing from the comfort of your own home.

The capacity of sound healing to foster creativity and increase productivity is one of its surprising advantages. In an interview with Vogue, well-known artist, and sound healer Erykah Badu discussed this. She described how using sound healing enabled her to access her creative flow and overcome creative obstacles. You can watch her interview with Vogue here.

In the interview, she said something that stuck with me “When you have a sacred space, everything in it is also sacred. Everything you do in it is also sacred. The whole house is an altar paying homage to creativity, my blessings, and gifts.” For many people, our homes are our sacred places, where we are most comfortable, relaxed, and creative. Protecting our peace has always been crucial to living a spiritually-aligned, happy life.


Your overall health can significantly improve by incorporating sound healing into your life. It is an effective tool for lowering tension, encouraging relaxation, and assisting with recovery. While plenty of businesses and retreats focus on sound healing, you can incorporate it into your routine. You don't have to go to a session to benefit from sound healing; you can do it in the comfort of your home with the proper tools and technology. At the end of the day, do what’s best for you.


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