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There is a growing desire in the world for natural, holistic, and eco solutions in every facet of our lives; whether it's natural products to help us cultivate healthier habits or an avenue to discovering and embracing our spirituality, the world has been calling for it. So, Montauk Avenue is here to serve this call and create a platform that completely and fearlessly encompasses everything needed to honor your journey.

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Stay Connected, Wherever You Go 

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There is nothing more important than having a support system around you when beginning your holistic life.  That's why we curated an extensive directory for you to find the perfect practitioner or business for you so you can have someone in your corner to help you evolve on your journey and live a truly limitless lifestyle. 


Milinaire Davis

Discover holistic wellness with natural products

Montauk Avenue is a lifestyle brand, founded by Milinaire Davis, dedicated to holistic, natural and eco-living in everyday life. Milinaire aims to inspire and support like-minded people through articles, videos, recipes, merchandise, and resources. She explores topics such as natural wellness, waste free living, natural beauty and ways to lead an ethical and sustainable life. 


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