Sustainable Living: 100 Places You Can Feel Good About Supporting

Updated: Aug 8

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Your Purchase is Your Power

As a consumer, where you spend your money is your superpower. You can quite literally save the planet by starting to purchase items from companies that have sustainability in mind. Our values are displayed by the businesses we choose to support, the products we have in our homes, and the brands we love. Don’t underestimate the influence you can have by adjusting your shopping habits.

Price and Quality

If you’re newly making the switch to an intentional, sustainable lifestyle, you might feel a bit of “sticker shock” when you see some of the prices. Keep in mind that fair labor practices, quality materials, and sustainable shipping options might cost the company a bit more than its non-sustainable competitors. However, these products are often made with much higher quality and are meant to last longer. Some even offer lifetime warranties. This means that instead of spending small $$ over and over again, you can spend slightly more just one time. Here’s our list of the 100 sustainable brands and companies to help you make the switch:

Clothing and Garments

  • Dynasty George*: Offering women’s wear pieces that are meant to last a lifetime, Dynasty George values fair labor practices, quality craftsmanship, and sisterhood. As an added bonus, no fabric is wasted; Fabric scraps are used to make totes, makeup bags, and more!

  • Hope For Flowers*: Recognizing the power of slow fashion and maintaining a commitment to pay living wages, this brand makes clothing you can be proud of.

  • JADE Swimwear*: Sustainable swimwear brand that is meant to last. These garments are made using ECONYL and offer UV protection.

  • Made Trade: Vegan clothing market that promises each piece is handcrafted and made in the USA. This is a women-owned company that champions sustainability and uses recycled materials.

  • Girlfriend: An activewear company that makes clothing using recycled plastic bottles that would otherwise end up in landfills. Girlfriend is SA8000 certified which guarantees the integrity of factory conditions.

  • Pact: On a mission to build Earth’s favorite clothing company, Pact uses organic cotton and is Fair Trade certified. All of Pact’s packaging is recyclable or biodegradable.

  • Kotn: The team at Kotn focuses on using fibers that are meant to last and will biodegrade at the end of their life cycle. Kotn works with over 2,000 small farmers and funds the building of schools in Egypt to make education more accessible.

  • Poplinen*: With sweaters made from materials like modal, organic cotton, and Tencel, this sustainable fashion line offers inclusive sizing and uses small-batch production in LA.

  • Tonlé: Aiming to build a more sustainable fashion industry, Tonlé doesn’t utilize a top-down supply chain model, but instead follows a circular model that’s built on collaboration and support.

  • Cold Laundry*: Focusing on minimalist fashion and gender-neutral clothing, Cold Laundry is a sustainable brand that sticks to good-for-the-planet materials and fabrics such as organic cotton and linen.

  • Oak & Acorn*: Denim production uses insane amounts of water, but Oak & Acorn utilizes a circular production process to use less water. Their denim is also made from recycled fibers and wood pulp.

  • Madewell: This sustainable clothing brand has taken the world by storm with its denim trade-in program which offers discounts for customers’ old denim products that then get used as housing insulation.

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