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Welcome to Montauk Avenue!

Updated: Jan 1

I am so happy to end this year sharing my website with all of you! My name is Milinaire and I am excited to share what Montauk Avenue has to offer. So, please have a seat on my virtual stoop, lol, while I start by telling you why I created Montauk Avenue and what it has to offer.

I always loved helping others, sharing information to better the environment and humanity, as well as living a healthy lifestyle. After realizing the pandemic had an effect on the way we could connect with each other, I knew I wanted to create a way I could still achieve all of this. Prior to the pandemic my main focus was my nurturing space business and being a homeschooling mom of my 15 year old son Don. I never thought I would see the whole world turn into homeschooling parents overnight. WOW.

The pandemic gave me time to reflect on how I wanted to expand my business and Montauk Avenue began brewing in my head. All of the ways you can express yourself with a blog is so appealing to me, quite a big endeavor, but nonetheless, worth it tremendously. I love the intimacy it allows you to still have with your visitors as well.

Montauk Avenue was created to offer all things that can contribute to us moving forward in our well-being holistically, while exploring a deeper sense of our awareness of self and our environment. I have a deep passion and purpose to help humanity while helping myself and I plan to do that, with a sense of humor as well of course, lol. My hope is for us all to do it together, because "that's my business," like Tabitha Brown would say. lol.

I want to thank Anna for helping me with my website and branding, your positive energy played a big part for this endeavor and I am grateful, thank you Anna. Well, thank you for coming to sit on my stoop, and reading my first post, until next post, Peace Divine.

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Unknown member
Apr 23, 2021

Well done Mil.

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