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50+ Black-Owned Herbal Shops in America to Shop

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Discover the Richness of Black-Owned Herbal Shops and Their Cultural Impact

Master Herbalist, Empress Karen M. Rose

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Herbal shops have long been pillars of natural treatments, personal care, and spiritual renewal when embracing holistic health and well-being. Why not feed your body and soul while uplifting a community when supporting Black-owned businesses is more important than ever? Black business owners who have forged their distinctive paths in the herbal wellness industry are among these voices.

These 50 Black-owned herbal shops in America offer a treasure trove of botanical remedies reflecting their cultural heritage and commitment to health, whether cozy brick-and-mortar shops or vibrant online platforms. Let us travel through this enlightening realm of herbal knowledge and healing.

50+ Black-Owned Herbal Shops in America

Recognizing the many voices and skills that contribute to this thriving industry in a world where holistic health and natural remedies are gaining popularity is crucial. These 50 Black-owned businesses stand out regarding herbal remedies for their top-notch goods and the intricately woven histories and traditions in everything they sell. Also, these have received excellent reviews for their products, customer service, and distinctive offerings. Listed below is a selection of these herb and apothecary businesses:

Be sure to check our list periodically as we expand and revise it:-)

Location: Brooklyn

In Brooklyn, discover wellness at its core. It fosters a harmonious balance by using herbal treatments to nourish the body and the soul.

Location: Atlanta, GA

They provide holistically oriented, small-batch, wellness-focused pharmaceutical products with reiki infusions.

Location: Chicago, IL

A store in Chicago that sells a carefully curated selection of crystals designed to encourage well-being and positive affirmations.

Location: Santa Barbara, California

A physical and online shop with the goal to provide alternative methods for women to heal themselves and empower them to do so with the help of their community and herbal remedies.

Location: Orlando, Florida

The emphasis of Chi's Aura Crystals is on the emotional advantages of crystals. They provide small-batch products with reiki infusions and crystal consultations for tailored recommendations.

6. Umami

Location: Richmond, VA

They offer fresh roasted coffee and specialty loose-leaf teas.

Location: Los Angeles, California

It offers a diverse range of herbal products promoting natural wellness and beauty.

Location: Massachusetts Cambridge

Online allure where skincare meets nature—Utilize natural, coconut-infused remedies to reveal your true brilliance.

Location: New Orleans, LA

A store with headquarters in New Orleans that specializes in handcrafted hoodoo supplies, spiritual and metaphysical herbal goods.

Location: Douglasville, Georgia

Online wonders for a wellness garden. Harvest the strength of nature's cures to cultivate a full-blooming life.

Location: Mount Healthy, Ohio

The Native Moon Herbal Apothecary focuses on natural health and herbal remedies. They provide a wide variety of herbs and wellness products that are ethically and organically sourced.

Location: Abingdon, VA

The handcrafted herbal products from Bohicket Apothecary are well known. They offer a range of herbal wellness remedies and strongly emphasize sustainable practices.

Location: Houston, TX

Crystals, herbs, and essential oils are among the spiritual and wellness products available from Souluxe Healing, an online store.

Location: Houston, TX

Natural skincare and wellness are the main priorities at Naturaleza's Apothecary. They provide a selection of vegan and ethically sourced herbal products.

Location: Portland, Oregon

A potent combination of herbal and natural products is available from Pretti P Apothecary. They specialize in handcrafted, organic skincare and wellness products.

Location: Powder Springs, Georgia

Kiki Ford established this company, which sells premium items like chlorophyll, burdock root, and maca root powder from Peru. The plants from the Caribbean and Africa served as inspiration for the products.

Location: Laurel, Maryland

The company offers a variety of distinctive combinations to alter how people perceive tea drinkers.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Offering herbal healing therapies connecting individuals, medicinal plants and wellness strategies. Farm grown, ethically sourced.

Location: NYC

They provide a carefully curated selection of herbs and blends for various health needs.

Location: Tampa, Florida

They offer a range of herbal remedies that aim to improve mental and physical well-being.

Location: Washington, D.C

They provide a selection of herbal teas, bath soaks, and other sleep-enhancing products.

Location: Parker, Colorado

BodyLove by Tal is an apothecary and wellness brand specializing in hand-crafted organic, vegan and cruelty free skincare and whole-body wellness products. Their mission is to provide the highest quality skincare, herbal tinctures, herbs, teas, and whole-body care to our consumers while educating and advocating for their rights to have access to clean, non-toxic products.

Location: Mobile, Alabama

They emphasize using natural ingredients and provide a range of herbal treatments.

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

They specialize in crystals, crystal healing, and other metaphysical products.

Location: Owings, Maryland

Plant-based restaurant offering meals and herbal remedies.

Location: Brooklyn, NY

An herbal apothecary which supplies bulk herbs, proprietary blends of medicinal teas, tinctures, salves, herbal tonics and bitters, herbal syrups, and so much more.

Location: Oakland, California

This brand specializes in artisanal tea blends that pay homage to Hip Hop culture.

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

They emphasize quality and provide blends for different health requirements.

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Organic herbs, teas, and wellness products are their area of expertise.

Location: Tampa, FL

This company offers diverse herbal blends, including green, black, and tropical-flavored teas.

Location: St. Louis, MO

Embrace your heritage with herbal remedies with African influences.

Location: Online

is a purpose-led brand committed to impacting the black community positively.

Location: Atlanta

This family-owned company offers a variety of sophisticated, fun flavors.

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Various spices and teas are available from The Spice & Tea Exchange. They emphasize quality and provide several herbal blends for wellness.

Location: Connecticut

A veteran and family-owned company offering over 40 tea flavors.

Location: Denver, Colorado

This tea house offers a diverse menu of tea blends and has an Afro-centric vibe.

Location: Phoenix, AZ

This company offers custom-made loose-leaf tea and tisane blends, focusing on natural healing.

Location: Southern California

The House of Sacred Harmony sells a variety of spiritual and health-related items. They specialize in crystals, crystal healing, and other metaphysical products.

Location: Brooklyn, New York

The enchanting herbal paradise of Brooklyn. Learn from ancient wisdom while nourishing your body and spirit.

Location: Milwaukee, WI

a community resource for herbs, medicinal herbal teas, clean body products, metaphysical healing tools, and so much more.

Location: Southern California

Various wellness products are available from Living Stone 1. They offer a selection of organic herbs and teas and focus on herbal remedies.

Location: Washington, DC

With carefully chosen, regionally grown, and truly exquisite ingredients, ZABICOLife, a renowned herbal tea and tisane house, offers a lovely range of products.

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia's access to traditional treatments. Take a sip of history and wellness from each herbal cup.

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Cozy herbal retreat in Brooklyn. Enjoy a cup of expertly crafted herbal blends while finding peace.

Location: Cupertino, California

A haven for well-being online. With Bea's herbal concoctions, you can drink your way to health.

Location: Jersey City, NJ

Herbal Apothecary for all physical and spiritual needs located in New Jersey.

Location: Southern California

They offer a selection of organic herbs and teas and specialize in feminine care.

Location: Southern California

They offer a variety of organic herbs and teas and place a strong emphasis on holistic health.

Location: Chicago, IL

Chicago's solution to hair adoration. Care for your hair with organic herbal products.

Location: LLC - Tucson, AZ

Embrace ancestral wisdom by utilizing their herbal treasures.

Location: Columbia, SC

Orion's Oracle Shop is a beacon of positivity and inspiration, offering a unique blend of mystical products and spiritual guidance, creating a haven for those seeking enlightenment and self-discovery.


The landscape of Black-owned herbal stores in America is a rich tapestry of healing wisdom, traditions, and cultures. These businesspeople share their histories, heritage, and dedication to holistic well-being and offer natural remedies.

These businesses provide a wide range of options that honor diversity and the power of nature, whether you are sipping herbal tea, treating yourself to skincare, or looking for spiritual balance. Therefore, the next time you are searching for wellness gems, consider these Black-owned herbal stores and valuing the knowledge they have to share. It will enrich your journey towards holistic health and well-being.


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