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20 Plant Based Dishes From Around the World

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

20 Plant Based Dishes from Foodies Around the World

I think some of us are still dealing with travel constraints this year and if you are this post is especially for you. We came across 20 amazing foodies across the globe from India to Nigeria, so let's get into these delicious recipes inspired by different cultures and cuisines. I can't wait to try them myself, they look sooo good, lol!

To watch a video of Milinaire making the “Vegan Arroz Valenciana,” go here

*Please consider substituting certain grains, flours, meat substitutes, vegetables, pastas, etc to suit your dietary lifestyle accordingly.

Racheal Lama

Instagram Handle: @rachealama_

Racheal Lama is an ardent foodie, that loves her food to make her feel good. She is in the business of whetting appetites and saving searching vegans one recipe at a time. The mom of one love to spend time with her son, cook and look totally Peng while doing it. She’s an author, vegan-foodie, mom and wife, remind us again who runs the world?

Vegan Curry without coconut milk

There’s no hard head recipe for plant-based foods, lots of people are either allergic to coconut or they don’t like it. So, this amazing Indian Curry recipe has been a lifesaver. This delicious vegan curry uses basic ingredients to create a palatable must have dish. It can be served with Mango Chutney, coriander, chili flakes and rice. Ready to try this unique recipe out? Check out the recipe for Racheal's version of the Indian vegan curry here

Jasmine Briones

Instagram handle; @sweetsimplevegan

Vegan Jasmine and her husband started sweet simple vegan together years after jasmine suffered from an eating disorder. She turned a rock bottom moment into a lifechanging win that now strengthens and inspires thousands of people. Jasmine has since been in the business of making plant-based recipes simple and straightforward for all plant-based foodies. At this point, I think we can all agree that she's definitely a national treasure.

Vegan Arroz Valenciana

The Arroz Valenciana is a hearty rice dish from the Phillipines, usually served during the holidays. The vegan version recipe developed by Jasmine is packed with vegetables, vegan chorizo and vegan chicken. The process of making this dish is simple and straightforward, making it perfect for everyday meals. If you havent tried out this dish, you should check out Jasmine’s Arroz recipe here!

Mairi Rivers

Instagram handle: @gingervegan

Mairi Rivers is a proud red head, who lives in Ireland and makes bomb vegan dishes. From trying to test the vegan waters for a month or two, Mairi dived into the vegan ocean and she hasn’t looked back since. Her recipes are warm and family centered because luckily two of her kids are vegans while her last child and husband are vegetarians. We love a family that appreciates plant-based food!

Mian jin (Seitan)

A Maira family favorite, this dish is super straightforward to make and the ingredients are really easy to find. After some trial, Mairi finally perfected this beautiful Mian jin recipe. This is health and wellness served on a plate. It’s a must-have if you’re looking to try out something other than tofu. Can be served with rice or vegan noodles. Check out Maira’s easy peasy Seitan recipe here!

Tomi Makanjuola

Instagram handle: @vegannigerian

Tomi is a Nigerian foodie who braved the winds of stress that comes with being a Nigerian vegan. She has taken up the responsibility of veganizing local Nigerian dishes and we are totally here for it. She consistently remixes beautiful local recipes that are healthy, mouthwatering, and extremely delicious. Her recipes are so straightforward, anyone can give it a try.

Nigerian Vegetable Soup (Efo riro)

The Nigerian Eforiro is a must try for all vegans. It is made from spinach and seasoned with natural plants. A staple ingredient in this dish is the locust bean; a local ingredient known for its distinct taste and umami. The vegetable soup can be served with rice, tofu or your choice of solid. It literally goes with anything. Find Tomi’s beautiful vegetable soup recipe here

Cherie Tu

Instagram handle: @thrivingonplants

Cherie is a young Asian goddess thriving in Sydney, Australia as a vegan lifestyle advocate. She constantly challenges her creativity, so she can come up with simple and delicious plant-based food, everyone can love. What’s her mission? To get us to eat more plants! We can’t complain.

Asian Chili Noodles

Cherie’s Asian chili oil noodles recipe is for those fast and furious moments where you crave something delicious without the stress of making it. No measurements are needed for this one, and in 10 minutes this gorgeous plate will be ready. Are you having a lazy day? Then you should check out Cherie’s chili oil noodles recipe here


Instagram handle; @thefoodietakesflight

Inspired by her Filipino culture and travels, Jessica aims to inspire people to adopt healthier lifestyles one recipe at a time. Her recipes are Asian inspired and of course, veganized versions of her Filipino favorites. We love a good Asian food remix.

Filipino Style Hash

A staple Filipino breakfast, this vegan corned ‘beef’ hash is packed with Important nutrients. Jecca’s version is easy to make and perfect for family dinners. The perfect combo will be to serve this with Chinese rice on the side, the burst of flavor will have you looking for extra. Let’s say no more, check out Jecca’s hash recipe here


Instagram handle: @TheZestyLime

Rebecca is a plant-based food recipe creator who just loves to live a happy life with Mr Scraggles- her handsome cat. From frying to baking to roasting, she consistently shows the world different sides of the vegan coin and as usual we love to see it.

Coconut Red Curry Vegan Meatballs

Can we ever go wrong with Indian inspired curry? This recipe proves to us once again, why curry is a peoples favorite. According to Rebecca, this recipe should be at the top of your ‘must-try recipes’ list because it is the bomb! Who can say no to a plate of this tempting meatball curry? Check out Rebeccas beautiful recipe here

Ebenezer Scrooge

Instagram handle: @Veganezer

Ebenezer Scrooge is a London-based Vegan foodie that never stops giving! He consistently puts out mouthwatering plant-based versions of popular African American and West African dishes. He rolls with a group named ‘plantbois’, showing the world how easy it is to make the switch to a plant-based food lifestyle.

Ghanaian Jollof Rice with Black Bean Stew

West African cuisines are the best! We love them for their spiciness and lingering taste. The recipe is super easy and after you taste it, you receive the right to brag about tasting Ghanian jollof rice. The black bean stew is a perfect addition to this dish, it takes it to the next level of greatness. If you’re looking to try out something new then this ones for you. Learn more about this West African goodness here.


Instagram handle: @thecanadianafrican

Putting out culturally inspired plant-based food can be difficult but Afia does it consistently like it's ABC. She has opened the eyes of thousands to the goodness that is Ghanian local dishes. She’s winning at figuring out ways to make the process of cooking Ghanian dishes a super easy one in other parts of the world.

Two Bean Chili

The color of this two bean chili bowl is as beautiful as its taste. This is the bean combination you didn’t know you needed. It’s flavorful and easy to prepare, perfect for those nights when you want to treat yourself. It can be served with rice or vegan bread to enhance the whole eating experience. Check out Afia’s tasty two bean chili recipe here

Breanna Danielle

Instagram handle: @plantbasedbre

Inspired by her love for research and her passion for wellness, Breanna strives to show people how easy it is to live a plant-based lifestyle. Plant-based living is not inaccessible or difficult, in fact, it's right in front of you every day, you just don’t see it. Her mission is to bust the myth of plant-based eating and share tantalizing everyday recipes.

Kale Beans and Plantain

Plantain is fast becoming a plant-based foodies favorite. Its sweet natural taste and flavor make it the perfect addition to any dish. This Italian kale-beans combo is super easy to make, and the taste changes with every try. It’s a fast dish, for those times when you don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen. Check out Bre’s Kale-beans and plantain recipe here.

Woon Heng

Instagram handle: @woonheeng

Woon Heng has fast become thousands of vegans' favorite Asian foodie. Her aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed will make you hungry at a glance. And of course, she's inspiring people from all over the world to live healthy lifestyles one sweet recipe at a time.

Asian Crispy Bottom Bun

This crispy bottom bun is extremely delicious and it requires no yeast! You can have it as a snack or even as dinner, regardless it is super filling and fun to eat. The crisp exterior and soft filling makes it a perfect blend of crunchy and munchy. You’ll definitely fall in love with this version of the popular Asian crispy bottom buns. Ready to make your own crispy bottom bun? Check out Woon’s recipe here

Elina Gives

Instagram Handle: @elinagives

Elina's beautiful mouthwatering recipes are inspired by her Malaysian culture. She’s among the pioneers of a wholesome community of vegans in Malaysia. Her number one mission is to spread the vegan gospel for the world to hear. She hosts vegan events in Malaysia and is constantly using her platform to spread vegan love.

Nasi Kak Wok

This Malaysian staple is a must-have if you're visiting Malaysia as a tourist but Elina brought it directly to our doorstep. This dish would be perfect for you if you love fresh chili flavors and curry. Like we’ve said before, you can’t ever go wrong with curry on your side. Check out Elina's masterpiece recipe here

Alexia Nixor

Instagram handle: @Plantbasedfox

Alexia Nixor is a Romanian-based vegan who loves to cook and share her story one recipe at a time. She shares her everyday journey as a vegan and she’s inspired by everyday food staples- both local and foreign dishes.

Sweet potato flat breads

This healthy rainbow on a plate recipe reminds us of a kaleidoscope. It’s not only beautiful to look at, it's also super tasty too! This is good living on a plate, the healthy sweet potato bread is a Middle Eastern staple that you can find in almost every store. Now Alexia has shared how to make it from the scratch! If you’re ready to eat the rainbow then check out the full recipe from Alexia here


Instagram handle: @sarahsveganrecipes

When your number one passion is cooking, doing it will come to you effortlessly. Sarah has no problem creating and experimenting in the kitchen. She creates yummy everyday recipes that anyone can try at any time. For her, it’s all about people being able to realize that plant-based food is highly accessible and easy to make.

Green Pesto Salad

Who doesn’t love pesto! This green Italian pesto recipe is regular pesto but with an upgrade. The warm meal looks as healthy as it tastes and it is great for family dinner time. The savory vegetable paste gives it this beautiful inviting color. If you’re looking to break free from your regular pesto recipes, this should be your next try. Get Sarah’s healthy green pesto recipe here

Michaela Vais

Instagram handle: @elavegan

Michaela is a kitchen creative, a lover of healthy plant-based food, and a passionate advocate for the vegan lifestyle. You can find her outdoors at the beach when she’s not in the kitchen cooking up our next favorite plant-based recipe. She’s never at a loss for energy and she always makes sure she gives us the easy version of popular vegan recipes. At this point, we can agree she's an angel!

Broccoli Quinoa

Gluten-Free, grain-free, easy to make, and ready in 45 minutes, did you ever think you would see those words in one sentence? Ela’s South American broccoli quinoa is proof that those words can co-exist. A dish that’s warm, easy to make, tasty, and of course 100 percent plant-based is a must-have. Explore and find out more about Ela’s recipe for this warm broccoli dish here


Instagram handle: @veganbyeden

Eden makes the lifestyle of eating plant-based food a fun one. She constantly portrays ease and simplicity in a way that makes you crave what she’s having for breakfast/lunch/ dinner involuntarily. She has a beautiful way of presenting her love and passion for vegan food and it’s so beautiful to watch.

Golden Air Fryer Chips

It’s time to put that air fryer you purchased to good use. This tasty dish is a beautiful lunch or dinner option that comes without the stress of a lengthy kitchen time. It’s perfect wether as a snack or a full meal. Find eden’s full recipe for this beauty here


Instagram handle: @veganfoodcrazy

Joan and her husband run this beautiful plant-based food community. Inspired by their experiences they decided to share with the world simple and easy recipes that they create every day as they live their lives. Their cooking style is simple, easy to color, and easy to adopt. Armed with the knowledge that no one really loves to waste time in the kitchen, including them, they combine a few ingredients with a little cooking time and lots of love. Their recipes are top notch and absolutely yummy.

Spicy Creamy Spinach Chickpea Bowl

Spicy and creamy, that’s almost every vegan's favorite combo. Joan perfectly merges the two to form this beautiful homemade Mexican spinach bowl. Rice is always a great addition to creamy food and stews, it uplifts the whole eating experience and this time it’s no different. Check out Joan’s full recipe here


Instagram handle: @cookingforpeanuts

Nisha Melvani is a registered dietician, who went through a journey full of hurdles before she landed right where she wanted to be. Her mission is to inspire people to learn about this plant-based eating journey by experience. Experience is what helps us develop unique stories about our journey that we can share with the world.

Easy Vegan Turkey

Thanksgiving may be over but our love for turkey is not. This recipe shares a unique take on vegan turkey. It’s super satisfying and extra filing. The turkey slices can be enjoyed with roasted sweet potatoes, quinoa salad or a cease salad. It’s a beautiful Indian recipe for family dinners and date nights. Check out the full vegan turkey recipe by Nisha here


Instagram handle: @earthofmaria

Maria is a classic woman and total creative with a passion for all things plant-based. She believes that vegan cooking is the doorway to a whole new world of ingredients, techniques, and recipes. She creates her own recipes at home, in the comfort of her kitchen. She loves to make classic food remixes using plants and of course everyone loves it!

Vegan Cannelloni

Impressive Italian dinner made with simple ingredients you already have in your kitchen. It’s perfect for family dinners and date nights if you're looking to serve something classy. This is a people favorite, you’ll be doing your tastebuds a disservice if you don’t give it a try. Get the complete Cannelloni recipe here

Nasim Lahbici

Instagram handle: @lahbco

Nasim is all about giving and sharing food recipes that make people happy. He keeps thousands of people from around the world with food that not only looks good but tastes good. Growing up in a community full of diversity and culture, he is inspired by the connection he has to his roots.

Moroccan Harira

This Moroccan harira will transport you to the borders of Morocco and bring you back safely. The soup is a Moroccan staple that’s usually eaten before any heavy dish but sometimes it's filling enough to serve as the main course. Moroccan dishes are spiced subtly, so they give off a really remarkable taste. Get the full recipe to Nasim’s juicy soup here


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