20 Plant Based Dishes From Around the World

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

20 Plant Based Dishes from Foodies Around the World

I think some of us are still dealing with travel constraints this year and if you are this post is especially for you. We came across 20 amazing foodies across the globe from India to Nigeria, so let's get into these delicious recipes inspired by different cultures and cuisines. I can't wait to try them myself, they look sooo good, lol!

To watch a video of Milinaire making the “Vegan Arroz Valenciana,” go here

*Please consider substituting certain grains, flours, meat substitutes, vegetables, pastas, etc to suit your dietary lifestyle accordingly.

Racheal Lama

Instagram Handle: @rachealama_

Racheal Lama is an ardent foodie, that loves her food to make her feel good. She is in the business of whetting appetites and saving searching vegans one recipe at a time. The mom of one love to spend time with her son, cook and look totally Peng while doing it. She’s an author, vegan-foodie, mom and wife, remind us again who runs the world?

Vegan Curry without coconut milk

There’s no hard head recipe for plant-based foods, lots of people are either allergic to coconut or they don’t like it. So, this amazing Indian Curry recipe has been a lifesaver. This delicious vegan curry uses basic ingredients to create a palatable must have dish. It can be served with Mango Chutney, coriander, chili flakes and rice. Ready to try this unique recipe out? Check out the recipe for Racheal's version of the Indian vegan curry here

Jasmine Briones

Instagram handle; @sweetsimplevegan

Vegan Jasmine and her husband started sweet simple vegan together years after jasmine suffered from an eating disorder. She turned a rock bottom moment into a lifechanging win that now strengthens and inspires thousands of people. Jasmine has since been in the business of making plant-based recipes simple and straightforward for all plant-based foodies. At this point, I think we can all agree that she's definitely a national treasure.

Vegan Arroz Valenciana

The Arroz Valenciana is a hearty rice dish from the Phillipines, usually served during the holidays. The vegan version recipe developed by Jasmine is packed with vegetables, vegan chorizo and vegan chicken. The process of making this dish is simple and straightforward, making it perfect for everyday meals. If you havent tried out this dish, you should check out Jasmine’s Arroz recipe here!

Mairi Rivers

Instagram handle: @gingervegan

Mairi Rivers is a proud red head, who lives in Ireland and makes bomb vegan dishes. From trying to test the vegan waters for a month or two, Mairi dived into the vegan ocean and she hasn’t looked back since. Her recipes are warm and family centered because luckily two of her kids are vegans while her last child and husband are vegetarians. We love a family that appreciates plant-based food!

Mian jin (Seitan)

A Maira family favorite, this dish is super straightforward to make and the ingredients are really easy to find. After some trial, Mairi finally perfected this beautiful Mian jin recipe. This is health and wellness served on a plate. It’s a must-have if you’re looking to try out something other than tofu. Can be served with rice or vegan noodles. Check out Maira’s easy peasy Seitan recipe